Bitcoin will Eclipse 2016 highs and test ATH $BTCUSD $BCOIN #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency


I love it. I have been a follower and advocate since it was in the low $200, all the way up to $1000, back down to $200, and now we are sitting at $700.

This is only the beginning. I don’t see how anyone can think this won’t break through 2016 highs and over $700. This is like inning number 3 of 9 IMO. I am planning on doing a more in depth analysis very soon. 

Easy path is below. Inside week. Price over 725 is going to $800.

Then you have the bigger picture and the more important price of ATH which come into play over $1000.

IMO. This will only become more parobolic in the future and will be above ATH in 2017. 

As I have predicted in my Top 10 Predictions for 2017. 


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