How the Titans Can make the Playoffs? #titans #NFL #playoffs #thursdaythoughts @titans

I came across and interesting Playoff Predictor algorithm courtesy of the NYT which can be found here  . Based on 25,000 simulations the algorithm predicts the outcome of the remaining 109 games then spits out a percentage chance of the Titans making the playoffs.


The Titans currently have a 15% chance to make the playoffs. I will take that headed into week 11 of the season and the titans have not had their bye week yet. Remember this is the same percent chance that the Cubs had to win the World Series down 3-1. Also the same chance that Big Don had to win the election 7 days before it was over. 


Let’s start with the not so good news. If the Titans lose the next game they will only have a 7% chance of making the playoffs which will make it nearly impossible seeing as there are so many variables and EVERYTHING would have to go their way over the next 6 weeks.



Now the Better news. This Week is not only a winnable games but a Must Win Game. The Titans go on the road to face the Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium, where they have NEVER WON. The Titans really have statistics going in their favor (blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then). If the Titans win this game the percentage jumps from 15% to 27%. THIS GAME IS BIG. The Titans have not been above .500 all season.

Then the Titans have the Bears on the Road. I know the Titans Suck but the Bears suck too. This is a very winnable game for the Titans. With the way Mariota is playing and momentum on the Titans side after the last two games, they very well may be in the driver’s seat for the division at the end of the year. By winning the next two games, this will increase the percentage of the Titans to make the playoffs to 40%. 


The Titans have not had a 40% chance to make the playoffs in years. Not to mention the Texans have the Raiders, Chargers, and Packers on the schedule in the next 3 weeks.

These next two home games for the Titans may be the most important two home games in the past 8 years. With the one coming January 1st against the Texans possibly deciding who goes to the playoffs or not.

2016 has been a year of unlikely things to happen. Brexit. Cubs. Trump. Titans?



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