Shippers are out of Control… $DRYS $EGLE $RLOG $SINO $GBLS $ESEA $TOPS $DCIX

These shippers are out of control. SINO up over 100% in Premarket. Morons are buying these now.

With DRYS halted I am very unsure why this continued but it doesn’t matter what I think. Now it’s just retail chasers that are only going to get hurt. People who believe this goes on forever that will get burned in the end. You Better hope DRYS doesn’t open up around 50 and tanks to 20 then you will really see the panic ensue. Look at these charts, a lot of money is being made however a lot more money will be lost.

This reminds me of the Pot Stocks phase a couple years ago. Anyone holding these overnight are just asking to flush money down the toilet. These shit stocks were down here for a reason and now more bag holders will be left in the end.


2 responses to “Shippers are out of Control… $DRYS $EGLE $RLOG $SINO $GBLS $ESEA $TOPS $DCIX

  1. What do you think of SPPI
    Spectrum Pharma
    I own some shares
    What do you think short and long term.
    (610) 621-0926
    Appreciate u text me back
    God bless u


    • Short term it looks like it has bounced off of $3 and pulled back and held $4.2 so that is promising. If it gets over $4.8 I see it running back to the 200 day MA possibly at $5.7.

      Long term it needs to go sideways and bottom. It is in a longterm downtrend and needs to start showing buyers are holding this low level.


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