Snuffles’ Watchlist Part 1 of 2 $JD $HDP $RH $DB $PYPL $SPY $QQQ $IWM #investing

Here is my Watchlist you can find in the Taskbar above. It will send you to my Sparkfin where my Watchlist is located. (Which is a great app by the way) This is part 1 of 2 where I will give my opinion of 5 stocks on each part.

I will periodically remove calls from my Watchlist and add new ones based on the price action of the individual stocks. These are stocks I would be looking to enter into and the charts look healthy for the environment we are in. These are in No Particular Order. 



As I stated in the post, which you can find by clicking on the $DB tag at the bottom, I believe DB has bottomed. The capitulation bottom at 11.18 was very violent and many hedge funds and institutions panicked and dumped every share they owned. I do believe that this needs to base for a while.If Europe picks up and ends QE then these European banks who have been left for dead will be making a comeback.

I would be looking to own this with a price anything under $13 with a price target of $20+ in the coming 6 months to a year.


Hortonworks is a newer stock and newer issue that deals with Big Data. As you can see it has been in a long downtrend since the IPO in the 20’s of last year. It has now broken that downtrend and taken back the most recent long term lower high. There are also multiple bullish divergences regarding RSI and Price on the Daily and Weekly Time Frame which is one of my favorite plays. I believe that if you can get into this under $8. A little sideways action form this would be a good thing so give this time to work.  it would be a good buy against the low. I believe this is a secure low going forward and see Big Data becoming more of a bigger issue in 2017.

My price target would be upwards of $15 in 6 months.


Restoration Hardware is another bottom I feel is secure. As you can see it has put in a long base around $25 after it got killed from upwards of $100. We are at an important point where it could break through the 200 day moving average (or 40 week Moving average) which is followed by alot of institutions for institutional support. There is also a NICE weekly bullish divergence with the RSI and Price on RH. Especially if Retail is making a come back I would look for Restoration Hardware to come back with a vengeance.

I want to buy this anywhere between $30-$33 with a price target of $50 over the next year.


Paypal is another company on my watchlist. I know this looks like a “failed breakout” above 42, however I believe that Paypal will again find support at the 200 day moving average and will be looking for another good quarters from paypal in the near future. E-commerce is here to stay (obviously) and Paypal will only continue to grow in the coming years.

As long as paypal stays above $38 and holds the opening price of the IPO I see know reason to not believe it will test ATHs in the coming 6 months. My price target is $50.


JD is another name which has been beaten down over the past couple years. Recently it has put in a bottom around $20 and I am seeing some heavy accumulation in the stock. As long as JD stays above $22 and the 200 day support I see no reason not to see this break through the highs of 2016 in the next 3-6 months.

My price target is $33.



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