Why Trump was Victorious and Voting will only become more important #election #trump #vote

Voting is THE MOST IMPORTANT right you have and why EVERYONE should utilize it every chance. 


It’s Impossible. There is no way he will win. He can’t win. No one will vote for him. This has got to be a joke. They are handing the election to Hillary.



Impossible. Never. Can’t. 


These are three of my least favorite words in the English language. “That will never happen.”  “It can’t happen.” “That is impossible.”

I try my best to never say “never” in my everyday life because never is a very long time and crazier shit has happened. One would think we would learn from Sports that ANYTHING can happen and that is why they play the game. (Or in this scenario the vote)

The MSM has conditioned much of the American Public to believe Everything that is in the news, except what is on twitter. And honestly this was the way it was and has always been. Even before the internet this was printed in papers and on the radio. In fact it is the reason why one of my friends did not vote. He was on his way to the polling station when a radio announcement came on the station saying Hillary was 10 points ahead at the time (Election night before the polls closed). He simply thought waiting in line was not worth it and turned around and went home.

This is what the media is telling everyone. Telling them what they want to here. The MSM is paid to lie. The polls were all bullshit. Even the “Best Polling Service” was unable to get the election right. By an overwhelming 20 percentage points. 



This is the most recent occurrence of why voting is going to become more and more important in the future. Americans have become so complacent with life that we assume things cannot occur and people won’t let that happen.

50% of the registered voters did not vote. 50%.

That is an astounding number considering how many people are protesting this victory. If half of the people protesting would have voted I believe that Hillary would have won the election. I am not sure how one would “poll” the number of protesters who did not vote but I bet that it is pretty high. Hillary did not have as much support as the main stream media suggested (or was paid to suggest), or her supporters didn’t think it was important enough to vote.

And THAT is the reason why voting was important. Hillary’s supporters gave up, didn’t want to be bothered, thought it was in the bag, thought it was impossible for him to win. And for that reason he did win.

Don’t Ever Give Up in something you believe in.




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