Earnings Week of 11/28 $ADSK $SPLK $TIF $BOX $SWHC $ULTA $BIG

Here are some of the notable Earnings this week and the Price Action that has led up to these Earnings. I do not bet on earnings with shares either way, however I believe that one is able to buy options on earnings to minimize risk (as the options are premium paid) when it is appropriate and one feels there is an edge. 

Also this serves as a reminder that is if you are Long or Short these stocks there is an important event that will affect the price this week. 


Spunk is one of my favorite charts in this group. It was a newer issue in the past couple years and has come well off of its recent all time lows. Price has consolidated sideways ABOVE the 200 day MA and holding the important technical level of $55. If I were playing this it would be long as I see this getting over $63 and breaking out a new long uptrend. 


Tiffany & Co has been in a long term downtrend but recently double bottomed of $60. It has crossed over the 200 MA however is a little extended. I would like some more sideways action and see price hold $70 and possibly bounce off the 200 MA one more time before believing in TIF again. 


BOX is another newer issue that also appears as if it may have bottomed but the move is extended. I would like to see BOX come back and hold $13 one more time it shake out $13 before going long. 


Ultra Salon is a monster. It has pretty much rallied $40 in a straight line up into earnings. If you were not getting involved near the 200 MA I would not be buying now. However, I am not betting against this company. My gut says it will see All Time Highs after earnings. 


Big lots. Another 25% winner since the election. I cannot justify chasing this but if there was a pullback because of earnings (which there may be good reason) I would try and buy in the $47 range because $47-$48 should hold. Another monster 2 week move. 


Autodesk is one of the strongest stocks in the market. Like ULTA above it is extremely stretched but I would NOT be betting against this company. I would attempt to buy a pullback, or a 15% drop on earnings. 


Smith and Wesson looks like crap. After a strong year it has settled back and dropped the 200 day MA. It has checked back to this movin average and appears all directions are going to lead to lower. Initial target would be a short to $17.5. If for some reason it takes back $26 then it would have potential for ATH but that is very doubtful. 


Have a Good week Everyone. 


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