Lyle “Butch” Jones should have been fired before he got on the bus. 

Butch Jones has got to go. Period. 

The Tennessee Vols just lost to Vanderbilt for the 2nd time in 4 seasons. I have said this for 3 straight years with Volunteer fans consistently badgering me about playoff talk, Brick by Brick, going to Atlanta and this is “our” year. 

No. Its’ Not. 

The Tennessee Vols are 2 “lucky” plays away from being a 6-6 ball club, these include a fumble recovery into the endzone in OT against Appalachian State and an answered Prayer against Georgia with the Hail Mary to win the game. But both of these outcomes were widely disregarded by fans through the latter half of the season. 

Until Last Night. 

The Tennessee Vols Defense just gave up over 600 yards of offense to Vanderbilt and 400 yards passing to a sophomore QB at Vanderbilt in a 45-34 loss in Nashville. This should be the cherry on top and Tennessee’s out to get rid of Butch Jones before enduring another AVERAGE season in Knoxville. 

It is what it is. Butch jones is a great recruiter, who can’t coach and doesn’t even hire a good staff. 

It’s a good ole boys staff and it was exposed through the latter half of the season. He is 14-18 in 4 seasons in the SEC and I don’t think he will get any better next year. He is what he always will be, average. 

Yeah, Tennessee will go to a bowl game, but can we please please please STOP talking about Playoffs and the SEC Championship?

The Bricks have crumbled. This is the Vols Chance, fire him and move on. 


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