Why I still like Twitter Long $TWTR

Twitter is the best real time social media platform that is in existence today. I have quit Facebook and I don’t regret it one bit. The only thing on Facebook are people trying to show others how great their life is. I don’t get any or near as much informational news or draw (sometimes fake) from Facebook as I do from Twitter.

Twitter is instant and live information. Sports, politics, news, current events, everything hits twitter first; even before Reddit.

Example is this morning the OSU shooting was all over Twitter before any MSM source had a chance to cover it, Facebook, Reddit, CNN ,Fox, Local Stations, Radio (I am praying for those injured and hospitalized by that horrible act of violence).


Twitter Stock is turning. I am not completely sure why YET, the buyout was all bullshit big banks trying to get out of their position. It has a secure low and holding above the 200 day MA. It has STOPPED going down on major bad news. If Jack and Company could get their head out of their ass and could do ONE THING RIGHT this stock is going back to the IPO price of $26 which I think it will in 2017. It is one of my Top Ten Predictions in 2017.

Twitter is a Buy. Long Dated Calls in my opinion are going to treat people very well. As long as it holds above the Yellow line below this is NOT a short. It is long and strong. I believe you will see Twitter back at the “Buyout” highs in the coming months. I believe this has minimal downside to above 16 with MAXIMUM upside.

Twitter as a platform is not going ANYWHERE any time soon. Especially with Donald Trump as President and using this as a primary source of communication with the American People. I do not believe this is priced into Twitter yet nor do I believe people understand the impact of this over the next year.


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