Have the 3D Printers Bottomed from the Bubble?

I remember the 3D printing Bubble in 2013. This is one of the biggest things to a Bubble that my generation can really talk about (I know it was nothing like 1999).

All of these stocks have gotten killed the past 30 months and are starting to put in long term bottoming formations. Look Below.


All of them look the same including bubble parabolic highs followed by parabolic crashes.

These have now shown signs of life and long term bottoms. So the answer to my question is it is very possible and I believe they have. I have not touched these for a while but 3D printing is definitely in the future and will play a large role in many environments so I am looking at these again. Here are some close ups of the two best charts I see.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.08.18 PM.png

DDD has bottomed at the beginning of 2016 and gone sideways holding the pullback low for much the year. As long as this holds 12.50 I think this continues higher over the near term. With a 22% short float anything into the 17-18 range you are going to see a massive squeeze here.


SSYS bottomed at the same time that DDD did above. It has pulled back methodically throughout 2016 and I believe that if this gets above 21 again you are going to see it running to 30. This has a 12% short float so there are still a lot of people betting against it.

Definitely a sector to keep your eye on.



3 responses to “Have the 3D Printers Bottomed from the Bubble?

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