DOW JONES on Track to Hit 20,000; Computers Don’t Care about Terror Attacks

The Dow Jones and market is gapping up this morning after stocks were “on edge” yesterday due to three terror attacks in three different cities overseas.

Makes Perfect sense.

After three consecutive inside days and the market breaking up, 20,000 will be hit. The computers know it’s there, the algos know it’s there, and the market needs to hit it so CNBC can air the 20,000 special and officially mark the trump trade over.

The market does not care about opinions, which is a great thing because when this thing starts coming down soon, people are going to have a lot of opinions about why.

I was super bullish on Brexit, I was super bullish on Trump. I was not expecting EVERYONE to be this bullish on Trump with me after the election. This is different. The bullishness seems to grow EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Be careful buying at these levels.





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