Highly Shorted Stocks That Can Run

I swear I was going to write this article two days ago, then today I went through looking at highly shorted stocks that may be able to run with over 20% short interest and BOOM.

TSLA – Running up with 27% Short Interest – Probably going higher


TWLO – Exploding with AMZN news – Definitely going higher with 30% short interest



So Are there any left that can Run??? I went through looking for stocks that are very liquid and have over 20% short interest and what I found is below. I have listed them from my most favorite and best looking to least favorite  Here is the complete screener. 


GME -22% Short. This got shit on earnings but filled the gap and is testing the trend line.


S -21% Short- Strong, long, uptrend that continues to hold the 20 period moving average.


P -27% Short- Spiked on buyout rumors and holding higher. Look for over Monday’s high.


SPWR -29% Short- This is a long downtrend but is trying to go sideways, needs to break 8.


CLR -23% Short- This has pulled back and is testing the 50 MA. This could bounce here.


CLF -22% Short- This has been spiking and holding higher, could squeeze more.



WB -39% Short- Risky chinese name but went on a squeeze, see if it holds here.



DDD -22% Short- I think the 3D printers may have bottomed see if it holds the MA’s.







Other Bottom Feeder Options, which I hate and have been down EVERY DAMN DAY for like a month, that could pop on any news are:

FIT – 41% short interest – Looks like Shit but could bounce. Maybe the Alta is cool?


GPRO – 33% short interest – Maybe they sold a few cameras this Christmas?






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