PEOTUS, I Want You Take Responsibility When the Market Drops 10%

The past few days the market has been going sideways and our President Elect has taken complete credit for the 10% Trump Rally (which he had nothing to do with) and the highest Consumer Confidence number in over a decade via Twitter. I’m completely okay with this on one condition.

Big Don ( @realdonaldtrump ) needs to prepare himself to take full responsibility of this 10% plus drop that is about to occur right at the beginning of his term. Since it seems like he has presently already taken office, I think that he should be held accountable for this TOP that he just marked in the intermediate time frame of the market.

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Trump Tweets about the stock gains, Marks the Top, and we begin to fall.

Or you could just NOT buy stocks when the VIX is under 13 and it would save you the Trump Tweet Risk.



You heard it here first:

Big Don has taken sole responsibility of the good data and increased stock gains, however when they reverse he will completely blame it on someone else. 


2 responses to “PEOTUS, I Want You Take Responsibility When the Market Drops 10%

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