The Year of the $HACK

I said in my 2017 predictions (which you can find here) that 2017 will be the year that hacking becomes for real.

With Russia hacking the election and the DNC hacking allegations and bitcoin hackings, this is the year for these stocks. Take a look at the Hacking ETF.

$HACK – Right out of the gate it is up 4% this year. This is only going higher. The time is now. hack

$CYBR – Seven straight up days to start the year is NOT BEARISH. I would be looking to buy on all pullbacks.


$FEYE – Bottoming pattern that is basing. I see this making a move to 15-20 soon.


$PANW – This was the pride and joy of the past two years but it has bounced off support and should make a run to at least fill the earnings gap to 160.


Embrace the HACKing. 



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