The SPX Chop is About to End

Tomorrow is Trump Inauguration Day, the Day NO ONE thought would ever come.

Considering Trump wrote his speech by himself I expect some fireworks with a lot of assets. This is what I am looking at and my plan.


It’s about the Dollar. You may see a bounce but I want to to come down hard. Tapped off the 50 day, bears do not want to see this given back.

dxy 100.JPG

The above is going to affect the Yen, Peso, Metals, the Market as a whole. 


I am looking at this and all I see is down. Likely starting tomorrow. Should have known they would keep Barry O’s market going out on the highs.

spx chop.JPG


I am in the camp that Trump might have bottomed the Peso. Look at this, I am watching this closely for a big time reversal back through the pre election levels in the future.


EURUSD – Euro and GBPUSD – Pound

Dollar down, these two up. It’s simple and it looks like that have put in massive bottoms, especially the Euro.

euro up.JPG


There is much more that will be moving tomorrow for sure. Get your Popcorn Ready.


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