Chart of the Week – $EWW – Mexico Bottomed

Mexico has Bottomed

I have been watching Mexico and the Peso since the election. Obviously the up move after the election in the USDMXN (weakening peso) was because America is building a wall. Looking at the charts I am seeing some MASSIVE Reversal signals in USDMXN and EWW. 

Mexico has bottomed. I am on board. If I am wrong. 3% downside. If I am right. 25-50% upside. This is a huge chance to buy emerging markets like this. I have posted EWZ, EWW, EWY, EWM, EWT. 

EEM, the emerging markets ETF is leading the way. Dollar is about to get smoked and this is the trade in 2017. 

Look at EWW, it has a double bottom with an upside RSI break on the trend. Not to mention the negative BULLISH Divergenxe underway. 

I buy Mexico here, bigly. Big Don can’t stop this chart…it’s reversing. 

Longer term view, over 50 and the unwind of this whole election move will mean Mexico is going 60+. 


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