And the Bull Stops Here – Divergences Arrived (CHART)

I should have waited I know I should have waited. I was too eager, I was too fast. I however do not believe I am wrong for a second.

People believe that just because you are wrong for a few points you are COMPLETELY wrong. That is not the case. SO FAR my bearish call is wrong. I do not think it will be very wrong for much longer.

Euphoria is through the roof. This is the best feeling this country has felt in 8 years (surprisingly I know). Trump is going to have to deal with the worst stock market over the last 5 years because this “Pullback” will not be pretty. The further we rise now, the farther we will fall.

Negative RSI Divergences ARE NOT GOOD. It’s a sign of losing momentum. It’s a sign of stalling. It is is bearish signal when Price makes a new high and momentum indicators do not.

The Bull Stops Here. (Disclaimer: Still heavily short the Nasdaq)

spy neg.JPG


Not to mention US Stocks are now the MOST OVERPRICED since the 2000 Crash


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