Did you buy that Bitcoin Dip? Headed to $2000 in 2017 #bitcoin

I have written multiple posts about Bitcoin and I enjoy watching the price action of this asset every single day. It trades very well technically and that is due to the price action not being controlled by as many computers. It still trades off emotion and that is a very positive bullish thing for Bitcoin. 

Here I said it was very bullish multiple months ago. 

Then I flipped to Bearish (VERY SHORT TERM). I believe I was Bearish for a week and was looking for some Panic under 900 which we got. Shorted the pop over 1300 on Huobi and covered at 1000 (way early). 

Now, this is only just the beginning. I could go through plenty of stats of why I think this is going higher the majority of people do not even know what a Bitcoin is. I believe this bubble is only just beginning. The media has not grabbed this by the horns yet in 2017 for this to have even been close to a top. I bought the dip at 1000 and some more at 900 and letting it ride.  

I am fully expecting these highs to be taken out and hell even some big chart analysts I follow and trade big money love the way Bitcoin is trading. It’s good to have them on your side from time to time. This is hitting new highs and I believe $2000 is in sight. 

This is only the beginning. 


One response to “Did you buy that Bitcoin Dip? Headed to $2000 in 2017 #bitcoin

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