What’s on my mind? Twitter $TWTR

What’s on my mind?


I just don’t understand this company. I cannot believe that they are a failing company with the potential that there is with their platform. 

Personally, the ONLY social Media I have is Twitter. It is real time, live action, fake News, real news, world wide information; everything that is presently occurring on planet earth (of relative importance) is on twitter. And it is on their fast and exactly what I want. I want Political news, financial news, sports news ASAP. 

A couple examples include news of the Boston Bombings were spread throughout twitter faster than someone could make the 911 call, and Hillary Clinton tweeting and wiping out billions of dollars in biotech market cap. NFL Football is LIVE ON TWITTER for Christ sake. 

This is amazing. It’s an amazing asset to real time news and information for anyone in the world. Twitter has miserably failed at everything they have tried to do, whether it was changing the layout, making stars to hearts (whatever the hell they did), or screwing up the mobile app every update. However now may be the timenit turns (or goes completely into the ground). 

This is likely Twitter’s “Best” shot, and they have done absolutely nothing and deserve zero credit for this. 

Donald Trump has changed twitter. The leader of the free world is speaking directly to the people, all the mom and pops, through Twitter. I believe that the possibilities are endless if the President of the USA is using their platform to consistently speak real time thoughts and news to the American people which should directly correlate with a constant increase in monthly average users. What more can you ask? The most important person in the world is using your platform to draw people in to listen to him while you (twitter) are able to reap the benefits. 

If Twitter cannot figure out a way to make this work and soon…they are who we thought they were and they might be finished. Long gone (platform will still exist) from the radar and will sell the company for something way below what I ever thought Twitter could become.

 I personally feel like a gigantic softball pitch has been lobbed right over the plate for Twitter this Thursday, and I’m not sure if they will knock it out of the park, or do what they do best and swing and miss. 


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