Opposite Similarities – Oil and Bonds $USO $TLT

Oil and Bonds, Similarities? I think so. Both are Very very crowded. Well, only one is now. With the record oil speculative longs being unwound and looking like this in 1 week 

I can only help but notice the possibility that this may occur to the ALL TIME RECORD bond shorts. All time is a long time and everyone and their moms daughter, grandma, and pet monkeys are short Bonds. 

I am expecting a big rip up off of 117 and then at 125-127 just bail. The record bond shorts will be wrong again and the unwound will likely be in under 7 days. 

I think I am going to reopen my Bonds long. I have moved my 401k into international and cash and now will be making the move to bonds. I know that I stopped out my trade this week in the 117 but this risk vs reward opportunity is too good to pass up. 

Record Bond Shorts are in trouble. 


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