The Path of Gold $GLD

I have been talking about Metals and International being the theme and play for 2017. Currently the only funds beating my two International Funds in my 401K is a high growth fund that is overweight FANG. And when I say overweight I am talking 40% FANG (which they made the right call but they better sell it). Currently it is 10% AMZN, 8% FB, 12% GOOGL, 7% AAPL, and 8% MSFT.

Every other fund my international portfolio is beating (and will continue because US equities are about to get taken to the wood shed. This major top (propped up by 7 stocks as you can see below) is about to get brutal and metals are going to rip into the Summer.

spx ytd

Check out this Gold Chart. The pattern is repeating itself, perfectly aligned with a Dollar crash, equities top. I am looking for this long term trend to break here after this HUGE shakeout.


You buy Gold on this Pullback.


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