(CLOSED +30.4%) Swing Long BTCUSD through 736

Looking for an Inside Week Break to the Upside to go through the 2016 highs and $800. I think this move has a lot of Potential and could be the break towards ATH. This is a year end play with a stop below this weekly candle at $700. Risk is $35.


*None of this is investment advice, only ideas shared to the community



11/22: Long still in tact. Pulled back hard but Ripped right back to Highs. Currently $771

11/29: Still going sideways working off this weekly run-up. Stick to the plan. I am going off a closing price whether I get stopped out of Bitcoin or not as it is a little more volatile and CLOSES matter.




12/22 – I am going to get greedy here and hold this. I have raised my stop to below the low of today at $850.

12/27 – I have been thinking about taking this trade idea off the table here because the breakout has been made, and the swing target has been reached (2016 highs). I do believe this is going higher and it is 100% an investment idea. However for trading purposes I would definitely take some off the table and let the rest run. I will still show this as OPEN but I would take off some.

12/29 – I am raising my STOP on this idea to 960. It seems to be trying to bust through 1000 but is having trouble. My job and ideas are to get you in. I cannot tell you when to get out.


CLOSED +30.4%



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