(CLOSED +1.32% ) Swing Short $FTSE at 7327

This is ridiculous. Pure euphoria betting on Theresa May tomorrow and the Pound crashing. I am bearish the FTSE and Bullish the Pound.

Good news for the Pound Bulls. As of 01.10.17 there were twice as many shorts than longs according to the Commitments of Traders Reports by the CME.


My average price is 7327, and I may scale in one more time if I need to. This thing is coming down soon. Am I longterm bearish this? I am not sure yet. I do know that this has gotten out of hand. There is zero reason to be long at this level. Target at least 7200, likely lower.


CLOSED this on the Close today at 7230. Almost 100 points. 


One response to “(CLOSED +1.32% ) Swing Short $FTSE at 7327

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