(CLOSED -6.9%) Swing Long $HDP through $9.50

I have had This Big Data Name and New IPO on my watch list for a while looking for a long term bottom. This is holding high and tight with a shape of a bull flag. I am looking for a Swing long above 9.50 with a close over the 200 day MA. Seeing as the market is very stretched I would not give this setup more than a B. Since the market is stretched I feel the a failed breakout is more likely to happen on any Market reversal.

The target is into the Gap and possibly fill over $12.

* None of this is investment advice, only ideas shared with the community.



11/22: closed on the highs at $9.45 Swing Long into the close with a stop below the Bull Flag low of $8.90


11/29: I would like this to continue, I am giving my stop to the 20 day MA so I do not get shook out.


12/01: Stopped out at 8.80


LOSS of 6.9%


2 responses to “(CLOSED -6.9%) Swing Long $HDP through $9.50

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