(CLOSED -1.7%) Swing Long TLT through 119.85

The 10 year just printed 2.41. It has come too far too fast and overshot the 30 year trend line on TNX. I am not sure if it holds but I think it at least pauses here.

TNX 30 Year Trend Line. 

$TLT holds this 119-121 area and is going to bounce hard. I went bearish at $143. Now I am bullish at this 120.

TLT Long
Long with a mental stop below 118.

*All of these are my opinions and not investment advice.



11/29: TLT is full throttle ahead on the bounce targeting $127+


12/09: Staying the course. Not Bouncing here at all will reassess next week.

12/29: Making this a FULL Position here, average is 119.35.

02.09.17 – STILL LONG. Nothing has changed here. Moving back to 125+

03.09.17 – Stopped out 117.23.

CLOSED – (-1.7%)


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