Predictions for 2017

I made a couple of predictions in 2016 (which was an extraordinary year) that came true. The largest one of course was the President Elect Donald J Trump who I predicted to win from the very beginning. (August 2015).

I have a few bets going on so if I end up being correct those needing to square up can send Bitcoin to the address above.
Here I am going to give my top/crazy predictions for 2017…


  1. The Chicago Cubs will be back to back World Series Champs after the 108 year drought was broken and the curse of the Goat is dead.cropped_murray


2. Bitcoin will trade above all time highs ($1,163) and close above the all time high closing price of ($948).


3. The Stock Market will “Top” and we will have at least our first 25%+ correction in 2017. (This will be followed by an actual recovery that results in a Trump re-election. More on that at a later date. My thoughts $240+ target with the rising wedge)



4. TWTR WILL turn it around as a company and trade back above the IPO price of $26/share. I want to stretch it to the Open price of $45 but everyone working at Twitter just gets drunk everyday so the conservative $26 is my guess.


5. The Euro is NOT going to parity with the dollar and is a generational buying opportunity. This is headed back towards 1.20.



6. Andy Murray will win the Calendar Grand Slam in Men’s Tennis which has not been done in Professional Tennis in over 25 years.


7. The Cleveland Cavaliers will repeat as Champions, the Cleveland Indians will NOT go back to the World Series. The Browns will finish the season above .500!


8. Cybersecurity will be Yuge in 2017. PANW will trade back above $170, FEYE will trade above $30, CYBR will trade above $65, CHKP will trade through $100


9. Gold will spike to over $1450/oz along with Silver over  $25/oz



10. WTI Crude Oil will trade above $63 Dollars/Barrel for the first time since 2014